Women Flag Team

Rams Women Flag Team is competing in both domestic and international tournaments.

Coaching Staff

Flag Head Coach

Born in 1992, in Istanbul.

Has Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering.

Head Coach / Offensive Coor.



Born in 1992, in Istanbul.

Has Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

Offensive Assistant


Flag QB Skill Coach

Born in 1995, in Diyarbakır.

Industrial Engineering Student at Koç University, Senior.

Offensive Assistant



Born in 1994, in Manisa.

Has Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration.

Defensive Coordinator



Born in 1985, in Istanbul.

Has Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration.

Defensive Assistant



Born in 1994, in Maryland, USA.

Has Bachelor of Arts in Sociology.

Defensive Assistant


Team Roster

Nil Kaplan (CB) #1

159cm 47kg 28yrs Exp.2 years

Seray Koşar (QB) #2

175cm 66kg 27yrs Exp.6 years

Tuğçe Günter (Rusher) #3

167cm 63kg 29yrs Exp.2 years

Beste İstemi (WR) #4

165cm 54kg 21yrs Exp.2 Years

Berfin Turan (Rusher) #5

169cm 66kg 20yrs Exp.1 Year

Merve Aslı Yılmaz (CB) #9

157cm 45kg 22yrs Exp.1 Year

Dilara Erdoğan (LB) #10

166cm 67kg 21yrs Exp.3 Years

Ezgi Cingöz (WR) #11

161cm 49kg 21yrs Exp.2 Years

Ecenur Etiler (WR) #12

160cm 49kg 21yrs Exp.5 Years

Yasemin Yıldırım (CB) #13

165cm 55kg 21yrs Exp.2 Years

Cansu Ongun (CB) #17

168cm 58kg 28yrs Exp. 2 Years

Nazlı Ergin (LB) #18

168cm 63kg 23yrs Exp.2 Years

Zeynep Demirezen (LB) #19

165cm 70kg 18yrs Exp.3 Years

Bahar Selcan (CB) #23

168cm 53kg 26yrs Exp.1 Year

Eda Yılmaz (Rusher) #24

176cm 66kg 20yrs Exp.2 Years

İrem Kabasakal (CB) #27

168cm 56kg 18yrs Exp.1 Year

Berfin Ateşsönmez (CB) #28

163cm 60kg 18yrs Exp.1 Year

Aslınaz Aykaya (Center/WR) #37

160cm 55kg 25yrs Exp.1 Year

Selin Kulaksızoğlu (CB) #38

170cm 57kg 19yrs Exp.1 Year

Buse Arslan (Rusher) #40

174cm 65kg 17yrs Exp.3 Year

Naz Baysal (WR) #48

177cm 70kg 20yrs Exp.2 Year

Lal Karayazgan (Rusher) #52

172cm 67kg 17yrs Exp.1 Year

Hanzade Ofluoğlu (LB) #53

170cm 57kg 31yrs Exp.2 Year

Gülbahar Tanyeri (WR) #54

177cm 76kg 21yrs Exp.2Year

Zeynep Eda Önder (WR) #59

170cm 69kg 23yrs Exp.4 Year

Ezgi Ergin (WR) #66

168cm 58kg 23yrs Exp.2 Year

Pelin Denizlili (WR) #81

180cm 62kg 20yrs Exp.3 Year

Sinem Ünaldı (CB) #83

160cm 49kg 26yrs Exp.5 Year

Lara Bayram (WR) #84

175cm 58kg 16yrs Exp.1 Year

Çağla Parmaksızoğlu (WR) #

170cm 57kg 19yrs Exp.1 Year

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