Men Pro Team

Men Senior Team "Rams Pro Team" squad competing in Turkish American Football League and CEFL Central European Football League.


Born in 1984, in Rize.

Has Masters of Arts in Business Administration.

Head Coach / Offensive Coor.



Born in 1995, in Diyarbakır.

Industrial Engineering Student at Koç University, Senior.

Offensive Assistant



Born in 1995, in Istanbul.

Double major in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation & Psychology.



Coaching Staff


Born in 1989, in Izmir.

Has Bachelor of Science in Physics.

Defensive Co.Coordinator



Born in 1987, in Izmir.

Has Bachelor of Arts in Political Sciences.

Special Teams Coor. / Def. Co.Coor.



Born in 1994, in Manisa.

Has Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration.

Defensive Assistant


Team Roster

Denizhan Iğdır (RB) #2

174cm 78kg 23yrs Exp.5 years

David Whipple (QB) #4

185cm 93kg 26yrs Exp.9 years

Burak Eroğlu (DB) #5

180cm 80kg 20yrs Exp.3 years

Can Demirsoy (WR/FS) #6

183cm 80kg 31yrs Exp.11 years

Necat Ege Süner (RB) #7

174cm 84kg 23yrs Exp.4 years

Cem İnan (QB/WR) #8

186cm 87kg 24yrs Exp.6 years

Guilherme Henrique Meurer (WR) #9

188cm 84kg 26yrs Exp.8 years

Alihan Ağaçkesen (WR) #10

187cm 87kg 20yrs Exp.3 years

İlhan Mert Bozatlı (WR) #11

183cm 80kg 21yrs Exp.4 years

Can Biler (DB) #12

178cm 80kg 25yrs Exp.5 years

Kaan Özer (WR/TE) #13

184cm 86kg 26yrs Exp.9 years

Harun Kalyon (DB) #14

178cm 84kg 20yrs Exp.3 years

Talat Gökhan Buluşan (LB) #15

185cm 90kg 24yrs Exp.6 years

Oğuz Özcan (DB) #16

180cm 85kg 21yrs Exp.3 years

Kaan Demirer (DB) #17

180cm 85kg 21yrs Exp.3 years

Alkım Gürbüz (DB) #18

180cm 85kg 21yrs Exp.3 years

Selim Mert Murathanoğlu (WR) #19

187cm 80kg 25yrs Exp.4 years

Eric Isaiah Walker (FS) #20

182cm 86kg 24yrs Exp.10 years

Furkan Tellioğlu (DB) #21

183cm 82kg 20yrs Exp.3 years

Mehmet Furkan Sarıkatipoğlu (K) #22

181cm 106kg 26yrs Exp.6 years

Genco Darcan (DB) #23

180cm 80kg 27yrs Exp.9 years

Kaan Aygün (RB/WR) #24

177cm 74kg 22yrs Exp.5 years

Ömer Burak Sarıkatipoğlu (K/FB) #25

178cm 85kg 23yrs Exp.3 years

Andre Emani Ulyssis Whyte (LB/RB) #27

188cm 88kg 32yrs Exp.18 years

Berk Özer (CB) #28

181cm 79kg 25yrs Exp.6 years

Ömer Tok (DB) #29

180cm 80kg 22yrs Exp.2 years

Zindan Kurt (DB) #30

178cm 78kg 20yrs Exp.2 years

Yiğitcan Ertür (CB) #31

182cm 90kg 23yrs Exp.4 years

Mustafa Emir Kuru (RB) #32

178cm 82kg 20yrs Exp.2 years

Hüseyin Kaya (DB) #34

178cm 82kg 21yrs Exp.2 years

Aytaç Mercan (DB/RB) #36

177cm 71kg 20yrs Exp.8 years

Şamil Kardaş (DB) #39

188cm 95kg 20yrs Exp.3 years

Alp Burak Çamlıer (WR) #40

186cm 82kg 28yrs Exp.8 years

Bahri Emre Kaya (DB) #41

180cm 82kg 19yrs Exp.2 years

Kaan Üstün (DB) #42

180cm 82kg 23yrs Exp.3 years

Hasan Ali Gündoğdu (LB) #44

184cm 83kg 28yrs Exp.8 years

Selahattin Saka (LB) #50

184cm 84kg 20yrs Exp.3 years

Alper Peközer (OL) #51

190cm 120kg 25yrs Exp.7 years

Ömer Alperen Ünlü (DE) #53

188cm 104kg 20yrs Exp.3 years

Ata Han Atılgan (DB) #54

185cm 90kg 23yrs Exp.3 years

Berkan Zaimoğlu (DB) #55

185cm 90kg 20yrs Exp.2 years

Metehan Demirkol (DB) #56

180cm 90kg 21yrs Exp.2 years

Cenk Henden (LB) #57

180cm 89kg 26yrs Exp.8 years

Oğuzhan Üneş (DB) #58

180cm 81kg 21yrs Exp.3 years

Göktuğ Cengiz (OL) #65

188cm 140kg 24yrs Exp.6 years

Görkem Özdemir (DL) #66

190cm 130kg 26yrs Exp.6 years

Taygun Ersoy (DL) #69

188cm 130kg 20yrs Exp.3 years

Muhammed Fatih Ovalı (OL) #70

192cm 130kg 24yrs Exp.5 years

Cevad Enes Küçükşengün (OL) #71

192cm 124kg 25yrs Exp.7 years

Muammer Yiğit Bügü (OL) #74

190cm 124kg 22yrs Exp.3 years

Emre Dumlupınar (OL) #75

194cm 120kg 26yrs Exp.5 years

Zafer Ceylan (DL) #77

191cm 130kg 27yrs Exp.9 years

Tuan Berk Kılıçoğlu (OL) #79

180cm 130kg 26yrs Exp.8 years

Tekin Cem Turan (OL/TE) #82

188cm 108kg 24yrs Exp.6 years

Doruk Örnekçi (TE) #84

181cm 96kg 22yrs Exp.2 years

Şahan Kılıç (TE) #88

188cm 96kg 29yrs Exp.10 years

Furkan Safa Deniz (DL) #91

190cm 100kg 22yrs Exp.3 years

Rıdvan Reşit Ülgenalp (DT) #92

190cm 110kg 28yrs Exp.5 years

Alper Kurtuluş (DL) #95

190cm 105kg 20yrs Exp.3 years

Boğaçhan Peksu (DE) #99

184cm 100kg 19yrs Exp.3 years

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